September 28, 2007

Political Memories

Tagged, oh well its kind of a good one. My First political memories? I can't honestly say that it was any major event, like the sinking of the Belgrano or an election. It was from reading a book.

At the time I held the same vaguely soft left views as my parents. A fairly standard set of middle class values of the type that colour the BBC, more Liberal Democrat than Classical Liberal. Amoungst these was the view that the EEC, as it was then, was basically a Good Thing even if I didn't really know why.

I had had holidays in various European countries and gone to school in Sweden for a couple of months (no, I didn't and don't know Swedish. Their English was perfect). Dad had even once brought a set of Euro coins back from a meeting once when they where still called ECU. Europe had plenty of good associations which had attached themselves to the EEC.

I was browsing in the school library at the time and came across a book on the EEC, curious I started to read and came across an entry on the European Parliament. It told me that each MEP had to represent about haft a million constituents making it hard for them to be truly representative, but this mattered little because it had so few powers, and that most people understood this so that elections to the EP had the lowest turnout of any elections.

All true I was to find, but so at odds with the warm and fuzzy feelings that I had that it jolted me and made me feel that I needed to learn out more to be able to refute it. This started a path of looking into what the EEC did, and my path to EUskepticism.

Quickly I discovered the CAP, still the biggest item in the EU's budget, with the "What the FUCK?!" moment comes to anybody when the CAP is explained. This was before the recent reforms when it truly mind boggling in its insanity. Now it is a bit better merely a stupid, expensive, counter productive, subsidy for the very rich. Then came the CFP a policy that is so twisted and counter productive, and so stacked against British interests that it could almost be seen as evidence of a conspiracy against Britain. Except that conspiracy requires competence, a rare commodity in any of the political elites and seemingly vanishingly so in the EEC/EU. The more I learned of what the EEC did the worse it looked until soon my journey to the Dark Side was complete.

Who shall I tag to carry on this meme?
Adrian Sanders Marcus Wood and of course President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran


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